Centre of Spanish Language and Culture

Director of centre – Guseinova Oksana, PhD, associate professor of Romanic languages department
Employees of centre – (on a voluntary basis):
Verba Galyna - associate professor of department of theory and practice of translation
Merzlikina Olga - associate professor of Spanish and Italian philology department
Senior assistant – Roudnyk Iryna
Phone Numbers - 239-34-05; 34-05
Room - 103
E-mail: centro_univ@univ.kiev.ua


Centre was created according to «The agreement about creation of Centre of Spanish language and culture between Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine) and University of Granada (Spain)» in 2001.

Centre is opened for students and professors from all departments of the university, who study Spanish language.

The aim of the centre is to assist to those who study Spanish language and life in Spain, to enrich social, scientific and cultural knowledge of members of the centre and to share academic, scientific, business and cultural information and materials.

The main area of work of the centre is organization of regular meetings with Spanish native speakers in the form of lectures, seminars, discussions, conferences, presentations, contests. According to this centre decided to hold second (November 2007), third (October 2008), forth (October 2009), fifth (November 2010) and sixth (November 2011) course of methodology of teaching Spanish language in cooperation with the Embassy of Spain and Institute of Cervantes. Each year the centre participates in international exams of Spanish language as foreign (DELE) – two times a year in October and April, organizes meetings with the representatives of Embassies of Spain and Latin America for students and professors on the occasion of national holidays of Spain or Latin America.

There are all necessary conditions for individual studying of Spanish language with the help of literature and technical equipment (computers, TV, video and DVD players).

Library created with the help of two universities counts more than 1 500 books and it works each day from 10.00 till 12.00. Students, PhD students and professors of the university have the possibility to use it.

It is also possible to watch movies and news in Spanish language and discuss them.

Demonstration of movies is held from 12.00 till 14.00.

Centre admits students who wish to study at summer school of University of Granada (Spain).

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