Center of Polish Language and Culture

Head - R.P. Radyshevkyj, doctor of philological sciences, professor
Phone Numbers - 239-34-31; 34-31
Room - 97


In spring 2003 the Polish Cultural Center aimed at popularizing the Polish language and culture in Ukraine was established at the Sub-department of Polish Studies. The International School of Ukrainian Studies of the National Academy of Ukraine and the Polish Cultural Center which was opened on May 19, 2003 at the Sub-department of Polish Studies of the Institute philology of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University jointly gave the series of lessons within the courses of the Polish language for university students of different specialities.
This experimental course must satisfy expectations of lots of people who are interested in studying the Polish language, get to know more about the culture, customs, history and modern life of Poland. It is worth remembering that the Polish language is native for Poles in Ukraine, is studied in numerous educational establishments and invariably draws sincere attention of secondary school and university students.
The sub-department co-operates with scientific and educational establishments of Poland (Warsaw university, Jagiellonian university (Krakow), Catholic Lublin University, M. Curie-Skladowska Lublin University, Wroclaw University, Polish Institute in Kyiv). During the academic year students go to Warsaw, Wroclaw to attend certain courses which are included into their semester curriculum and also visit summer schools in Krakow and Ljubljana. Since October 2004 a lecturer from Poland has been teaching at the sub-department.

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