Center of Slavic Studies

Head - N.L. Bilyk, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor
Room - 126
Phone number (044) 239-33-73; 33-73
Person to contact - laboratory assistant Tetyana Dotsenko


The Center of Slavic Studies is a structural subdivision of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University subordinated to the rector of university. The center carries out its activity on the basis of the Laws of Ukraine "On education", "On Higher Education", the statute of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.
The center is formed in accordance with Agreements about collaboration in the fields of culture and education between Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University and Slavic universities in other countries: Sofia Kliment Okhrydsky University (Bulgaria); Zagreb University (Croatia); Masaryk University (Brno, The Czech Republic), Karl University (Prague), Palatsky University (Olomouc); Belgrade University (Serbia).
The primary goal of the center is the organization of lectures, meetings, symposiums, seminars, conferences, courses with the purpose of contributing to the learning of Bulgarian, Serbian, Czech, Croatian languages and literatures, enriching knowledge of experts in the history, culture and art of Slavic countries, topical issues related to their modern life and development, publication of the collection of scientific articles "Comparative researches in Slavic languages and literatures", preparation for publishing methodological literature, providing students and teachers of the university with educational, fiction, informative literature and periodicals.
The center is instrumental in enhancing the learning of Slavic languages and literatures due to the use of library fund of the sub-department of Slavic philology and media resources collected by teachers of the sub-department with the help of the charity of Slavic sub-departments of twin universities and private individuals.
The center co-ordinates international cooperation with partner institutes, prepares work programs of collaboration, offers consultations to support students on the issues of internship in leading educational establishments of Slavic countries, participation in scientific conferences and symposiums.
The center is instrumental in organizing and promoting the international cultural and educational programs.
The center conducts regular meetings and discussions with native-speakers. The center organizes seminars, presentations, competitions, parties to commemorate momentous dates in the history of Slavic studies.
The center is presently preparing publication of the collection of scientific works "Comparative researches in Slavic languages and literatures".

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